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Professional eyelash tweezers EXPERT 41 TYPE 9 (L-shaped,35′) TE-41/9

Professional eyelash tweezers EXPERT 41 TYPE 9 (L-shaped,35′) TE-41/9

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Key Features:

• The extended working “nose” and the L-shaped bend at an angle of 35′ of the tweezers allow working in hard-to-reach spots, and at internal and external corners of the eye
• Tight closure of the edges along the entire length of the working part – ideal for natural classic and large volumes of extension 7-8D.
• Manual sharpening and flawlessly polished working part
• Perfectly selected location and radius of the grooves on the tweezers handle allows us to make the tool as comfortable as possible for the technician
• The grooves on the body of the tweezers allow us to make a smooth and soft closure of the tweezers, that means the technician make less effort during work, as a result of that the hand will not get tired
• Stainless steel medical tweezers and it means that any disinfection and sterilization methods are available
• Tweezers length 125 mm, weight 17 g.

• Purpose: For eyelash extension

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